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Malia & Sasha Obama’s Travel Style Is On Point

The First Family flew back to DC on Sunday after vacationing in Hawaii over the holiday. They go every year, but this time around something was different: Sasha and Malia Obama displayed seriously enviable vacation style. From the minute they left DC, the teenagers set an example for all travelers—even those who aren’t flying Air Force One. (And with athleisure so on-trend, there’s really no excuse not to pull yourself together pre-flight.) Walking across the lawn of the White House to Marine One on December 19, both donned black leggings with cute coats — layering is key, especially when traveling to a warm location — and carried roomy hobo bags (leave your Jansport backpack in your locker).

obamavacation2014The Obamas arrive in Hawaii having already changed into their island clothes. Photo: Corbis

Flying on Air Force One has its privileges (beds, showers, fax machines —at least, that’s what I learned from West Wing), making it easier to pull of a wardrobe change at 20,000 feet. Upon arrival at Pearl Harbor, Sasha, 13, wore an acid-washed light denim mini-dress with Dr. Scholls-like sandals. Her 16-year-old sister wore a black polka-dot dress with Mary Jane flats.
President Barack Obama and Malia Obama eating shaved ice. Photo: Corbis

Throughout the trip, the girls managed to look polished and island-ready, a tough balancing act for anyone, let alone a teen in the public eye. Arriving back in Washington on Sunday the girls wore similarly styled looks, with Sasha’s red converse and topknot and Malia’s green socks peaking out of her boots. Less than a week into 2015, it feels safe to say the under-20 set has at least two fashionistas to look up to this year.

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Delta baggage handler accused of smuggling guns on flights

Atlanta (CNN) — A baggage handler for Delta Air Lines moved a lot more than just luggage, authorities say — he also helped smuggle firearms.

And his accomplice managed to board a flight with 18 guns and ammunition in his carry-on bag, an affidavit states.

Eugene Harvey, who worked for Delta at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, is accused of trafficking firearms and entering an airport area in violation of security requirements.

According to Harvey’s arrest warrant affidavit, here’s how the operation worked:

– Harvey used his security clearance to help provide guns to a passenger named Mark Quentin Henry after Henry cleared security.

– Henry allegedly brought the firearms in his carry-on luggage on at least five flights from Atlanta to New York between May 1 and December 10.

– During that time frame, Henry supplied a total of 129 handguns and two assault rifles to co-conspirators in New York, the affidavit states.

– One of those co-conspirators ended up selling the firearms to an undercover New York police officer.
Henry was arrested in New York on December 10 after landing at JFK airport with 18 handguns in his bag — seven of which were loaded, the affidavit says.

“During the post-arrest interview, Henry informed the investigating agents that he had flown from Atlanta to New York with the 18 firearms and associated ammunition in his carry-on bag,” FBI task force agent George Taylor wrote in the affidavit.

So how could a man get more than a dozen guns on a flight in his carry-on backpack?

“Had the eighteen firearms been inside the Oakley bag when Henry passed through TSA screening, the firearms would have been discovered,” Taylor wrote.

“Accordingly, I reasonably believe the eighteen firearms bypassed security.”
Transfer in men’s restroom?

On the morning of December 10, the affidavit says, baggage handler Harvey used his security clearance to enter Delta’s employee parking lot and then the secure area of the airport.

“Employees entering this area are not subjected to screening by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), neither at the time of entry into the employee parking lot, nor upon entry to the internal secure/restricted area at Hartsfield-Jackson,” the affidavit states.

Surveillance video showed that on the same morning, the passenger Henry cleared security with a black Oakley backpack. He then went to sit down at the airport’s Concourse B.

According to Taylor, that’s when Henry started texting Harvey. Moments later, Harvey entered a men’s restroom in Concourse B. And Henry followed.

After one minute, the affidavit says, Henry walked out of the restroom with the backpack.
The criminal complaint also says on several occasions this year, Harvey used his security clearance to enter the secure Delta employee parking lot — even though he was supposed to be off or on sick leave.

And on each of those dates, Henry boarded a flight from Atlanta to New York.

Delta spokesman Morgan Durrant told CNN the airline is cooperating with authorities in the investigation.
“We take seriously any activity that fails to uphold our strict commitment to the safety and security of our customers and employees,” he said.


Turbulence injures 14 on flight

(CNN) — An American Airlines plane en route from Seoul, South Korea to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas diverted to Narita, Japan, Tuesday after several passengers and crew were injured by turbulence during the flight.

American Flight 280 departed Incheon International Airport near Seoul in route to Dallas-Fort Worth when an intense winter storm shook the cabin and caused injuries that forced the aircraft to divert.

Medical personnel have been able to evaluate the 14 passengers and crew members who asked for medical attention, said American spokeswoman Andrea Huguely in statement.

“Four passengers and one crew member have been transported to local hospitals for further observation and treatment,” she wrote. None of the injuries were life threatening.

The flight will not continue on to Dallas-Fort Worth on Tuesday, Huguely said.

“Passengers have been transported to hotels and will continue their travel to DFW tomorrow (Wednesday),” she wrote. “Our team in Tokyo will continue to provide all necessary support to take care of our passengers and crew.”
American Airlines said the plane is a Boeing 777 carrying 240 passengers and a crew of 15.

The Weather Channel reports that an intense winter storm is developing over Japan, with blizzard warnings in northern and western sections of the country.

“Note there is a very strong storm, similar to a Nor’easter, just east of Japan which is causing severe turbulence in the region,” said Brandon Miller, Senior Meteorologist for CNN International.

Source: CNN